My much awaited first entry

I have been writing way back when all I ever cared about was getting perfect scores on m tests and red stars stamped on my hands. Back then I only write about love stories and fantasy land as an escape to my lonely childhood life. I only wrote stories to entertain my classmates who loved reading about puppy love, fairies, and dreamland. I only wrote things because I couldn’t find anything else to do.

Now that I am way older (and wiser I guess!), all I ever do in life is write, basically because that’s how I earn! I have been a freelance online writer ever since I graduated college and I am using much of my hard earned money to fund my younger sister’s schooling. Unfortunately, even when I have all the writing op that anyone could wish for because of my career, I must admit that I feel like I lost my passion for writing, specifically about my usual day to day adventures and the things I love the most – food, travel, and random life stories. So, here I am trying to rekindle my old fire with writing for the sake of writing itself.

I hope you guys would join me in all of my adventures and maybe you can share your adventures with me too.



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Writer, Reader, Photographer, Foodie, Mind Traveler, Face Reader.

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