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Stairway to Baguio’s Vegan Haven

Whether you’re just a fan of vegan food or you have a thing for peculiar restaurants, the Oh My Gulay would be the perfect fit for you. It’s located at the highest floor of the La Azotea in Session Road, Baguio.

BE WARNED: People with heart problems as well as lung and joint ailments would find the place quite a turn off. But, if you’re up for a good exercise before you reward yourself with vegan food and aesthetics then you wouldn’t mind the long ascend.
Upon reaching the top floor, you will find a glass door that would welcome you to another set of stairs. But, do not be disheartened because its gonna be the last.
After climbing up that superbly long flight of stairs, you would be greeted by  the doorway and a Bulul. As you can see from the view, it’s like a whole new place, compared to that of the concrete and commercialized feel of Session Road.

There are plenty of plants and lots and lots of artsy effects. The upper portion is very similar to a boats deck. In Filipino we often describe a place like this as “pinagtagpi-tagpi” which means its made from lots of different used materials. It would appear scary at first but rest assured that everything is well secured. I used to come here with my friends before, but when I started working, even if it’s just nearby my place, I don’t get the time to chill here. I usually order coffee, but because I am with my baby, we decided to get something to eat.
They actually have a very hip menu. It’s too bad though that I never got to try their Squash flower tempura. Must have been really good.

We asked for the KKK sliders but sadly, they don’t have it as of the moment so went for the OMG Club Sandwich instead. As soon as the food was served, Dani put his sour face on because he really doesn’t like veggies. Bu he still managed to eat 2 slices and a bit of the salad sitting underneath the delightful sandwiches. It was really good. sadly, we didn’t have anything interesting to drink because for some ridiculous reason, they don’t have anything else on the menu on that day but service water. It made me feel sad, but hey the sandwich was really great anyways.

After eating, we took a couple of pictures too, Dani even told me that I should take all the pictures I could because he doesn’t want to come back anymore. He kept on chanting “I want meat”.  Hahaha, my poor baby got deprived of meat that day.

If you want to experience OMG too, then head to Session Road and look for the La Azotea Building and make sure you’re prepared to climb plenty of stairs.

Have you been to OMG? What was your most favorite part of the resto? Comment below and let me know! 

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