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What Kids Can Teach Us


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Climbing trees, running around, not minding the sweat flowing down their skin, appreciating the tiniest things in life like cheap chips and drinks, I watched some random kids I got to meet during our last field work in our site. I was amazed by how they find happiness in such trivial things. Then I came to realize that these were the things I missed doing in my childhood years.

         I grew up isolated from the neighborhood, well at least that’s how I remember it. I didn’t have any memories of playing with other kids, or getting bruises and falling on my knees, feeling sore after a good old patintero or tumbang preso, or smelling like soiled socks. For some reasons I never had that recollection of stories that I could share with friends except for those distant memories of reading, reading and reading. My early childhood memories consisted of my ever pressured life in the academe.

Trained to endure pressure, but weakened by disapproval and rejections after another.

They say when a child is grown in a world of equal dynamics of approval and disapproval, then he/she becomes a good adult and also according to Peck Scott would also carry on discipline, a must have weapon to achieve the difficult. I learned the hard way, not that I want it. It’s frustrating, and rewarding at the same time.

          Then there’s a kid being the mirror of simplicity and the ability to accept and to adapt to change. Kids could easily conform according to situations. Its something I think because of their nature to feel that there’s always another day. It is kind of intimidating to admit it, but I think, kids really have this way of shedding a tear, earning bruises like they are trophies of some sort, and by the end of the day, like there’s no tomorrow. Unlike adults who tend to worry a lot about the future, of what their actions in the past might do in consequence.

            It feels nice looking into those kids, but now that I am all grown up, it’s about time I integrate those kid traits that would help me achieve being a great grown up


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