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Thoughts on D’ Backyard Grill Cafe, Dagupan

So last week , I went out to process my ID’s and my visa card. While I successfully processed my IDs, the cards weren’t available yet. It was really so tiring to go from one office to another, so after I finished processing what was needed, I dropped by D’Backyard Grill Cafe, Dagupan.

I saw a couple of my friends in IG posting pictures of the food served there, so I figure that I need to try them myself too. It wasn’t really such as a hassle going there because it was along the jeepney line. Horaah for me. If you come from the downtown area of Dagupan city, you may opt to take a tricycle ride (which I do not recommend if you’re going alone, since the fare would be effin expensive), or ride Bonuan, Calasiao, or Downtown bound jeepneys. It’s right across the Magic Technohub,  and near Music Warehouse, so you won’t really miss it.


The Service  

I’d give them a two thumbs. The crew was really friendly, and the lady by the cash register was very nice to explain about the ingredient of the burger that I was going to have. I went for their best seller, the Backyard Ultimate Burger. I was asked to wait for 15-30 minutes before I get my order. So I shrugged my shoulders and said “Yeah, sure.”


The Feels

So while I was waiting for my I had the chance to let my eyes wander around the D’ Backyard Grill Cafe, Dagupan. Well it was really clean, and the ambiance was really nice too. Their kitchen area looks very organized too and I bet you can clearly see that in the picture.

I wasn’t too keen on eating there. Plus,  I was really tired and I wanted to enjoy the burger while I put my legs up on a comfy chair. I just love enjoying burgers that way – comfy position, no restraints. After the long wait, I crossed the street and grabbed another jeepney ride.

wp-1459249194391.jpegThe Verdict

The burger costs P159. The cashier explained that it costs so much because of the awesome things inside like extra veggies and cheese. I was completely sold with the idea of extra veggies on my burger. I love greens and tomatoes but sadly, I wasn’t really too happy about it when I started to eat it.

The veggies were a bit too wilted. There wasn’t any crunch or texture. It was all mushy. The bacon was okay since it was able to balance off the SUPER sweet patties. The patty was disappointing for me. I don’t know if it was the orange-y sauce that they used that made everything very sweet. If they  threw in fries in my order, perhaps I wouldn’t have felt so bad about my order.

I didn’t like their burger.However, since I haven’t really tried the other products, I am not totally closing my doors on D’ Backyard Grill Cafe, Dagupan. I recently found out that they have a live band playing every Saturdays, so maybe I will come back after all.

For more information about the D’ Backyard Grill Cafe, Dagupan, visit their Facebook page.



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