and because I realized i’m overdosing

“We’re like trees that grow new branches every year…Each time a birthday comes around, we need to prune them back if we want to grow any taller”
—Tian Yi, Beijing Coma by Ma Jian

I remember by Plant Physiology teacher giving lecture on the hormones that make plants grow laterally, perhaps the psychological part of me has been overdosing with this hormone that I have been growing in the wrong direction, because I keep on holding on to every little thing that I forgot to move on into a higher state of growth.

Humans I think, are very sentimental beings, we keep track of memories so much. I guess this is how we are. Instead of getting our memory banks “pruned”, (because we are not built to delete stuff, well atleast not induced) we try making new memories, sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail miserably but this is how things work around here, we don’t think on the probabilities of whether a result is positive or negative, because it never stops there. Life is full of all this possibilities that its not even possible to stop thinking and creating.

So, From now on i’ll humbly pledge to stop telling myself that I am a failure, because things can change, and things would go how i want them to be, i just need to get some good driving force, a heart full of hope, and a brain filled with possibilities…so..are you ready to do you’re own pruning too?

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