Januar 20, 2014

Everywhere I looked, in the jeepney, in the fast food chains, along the university belts these past few examination days, I see people reading on tabs, cell phones, iPads, and laptops leaving hardbound books lonely sitting on the shelves. Then would take the time to swipe the camera and take picture of what they’re reading, #reviewinforexams. I roll my eyes and mutter… Like REALLY?

Everyone is constantly in need of asking powerpoints from professors and instructors instead of doing the old-school taking down notes, basking in the cram-to pass the exams style. Where is the love everybody? Why am I hearing rants about professors giving so many papers to write when they’re given ahead of time, why am I getting all the negative vibe of students memorizing all the things their courses require? If you don’t like what you’re doing, then pull yourself together and stop whatever you’re doing. Seriously, what is it with college students bringing in the high school mentality?

Then I come to school, hearing the same thing all over again this time from UP students. The weather here is killing the life out of my brain cells and seeing the same situation from one university to our university well, you can imagine what damage it brings. To think that we are in a top university well, of course would imply greatly that we students should be living the life of a full blooded scholar, embracing the privilege of learning that not most of the Filipino youth are able to have. Some of us even struggle to get themselves to school because their money can barely fend for their needs. Let’s say some of us didn’t want to come to UP for some reason, or some just got in because they got lucky, some may have passed because they have long dreamt of studying here, or some are just ridiculously smart. No matter what reasons brought us here, we should all be working our asses off to live with this label, not to prove that we’re freaking smart people, but because we’re spending the Filipino people’s money, and we should dare not waste every centavo that they contribute to get us in here.

Let’s learn to appreciate things we see and I’m pretty certain that we’re off to see the world in a more positive POV. Love what you’re doing and you’ll go a long way. So please, enough with the hating.

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