My Go-To Burger Joint: Big Boss Burger-Dagupan

Working as a freelance online worker has many perks. One of these perks  is having enough spare time for me to visit food stalls and restaurants. Every once in awhile, I go out to blow off some steam and find something delightful to munch on. I am a big fan of eating burgers (don’t forget pizza!). I especially love those that are large and stuffed heavily with veggies. I also love those hamburgers with all that finger licking sauce dripping when you squeeze them for a mouthful of bite. Because of my strong love for burger, I set myself on a journey to find the best burger joint in Dagupan City. So far, I have already tried three, which are Barneys Burger, D Backyard Grill + Cafe and Big Boss Burger-Dagupan.

My Experience

When I first heard about Big Boss Burger, I thought about Chef Bruce Lim. Up until now, I am not sure if this burger joint is affiliated with him.

Anyways, so I went there one faithful day when Calasiao experienced an unannounced power interruption. I had to travel to Dagupan City just to continue working on a project. I finished my work around 3 pm and I was really hungry so I decided to drop by their shop. It was just a walking distance way from the internet shop that I went to (which was located along University of Luzon).

Big Boss Burger - Dagupan Tarp Menu

My first impression, right when I saw their tarp was not really that good. Perhaps, it’s because of the quality of the pictures or the layout of the tarp that was a bit off-putting for me, I don’t know, but it wasn’t that enticing at first. I was just really hungry that I didn’t care if my meal wouldn’t taste that great.

Big Boss Burger - Dagupan, Menu

I went for the Lil Bossing Burger which was worth 55 pesos, and a bottle of Mountain Dew. I was greatly relieved that they didn’t take long to prepare my order.

The shop has two floors but since I was too hungry and all that, I resorted to sitting by the kitchen bar instead. The place looks fine. It’s perfect for no- nonsense meals or casual meet-ups with friends. There are stools placed on the first floor and I think there are plenty of tables on the second floor.

Big Boss Burger-Dagupan - Lil Big Boss

Overall, I love that they have lots of veggies and that they’re still pretty crunchy when you bite on to them. I also loved the onion rings on top of the patty.  The condiments they used are pretty basic – mustard, mayo, ketchup, and chili sauce (which is optional). The mayo is a bit too sweet for me, I’m not sure, but I think they put a little bit of condensed milk in it. The mustard can use a bit of improvement too. I was looking for a stronger kick for every bite.

The burger patty was okay. It’s moist and it’s well done. It has just the right amount of sweetness and enough savoriness to it. I am quite sure though that the patty is not made from pure beef.

Verdict: Considering the price, taste and the size of the burger, I would say its a very good deal. I wish they had cheeseburger on their menu though. It would have been so cool if they had that. I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit of extra for cheese too. Ever since I first came to Big Boss Burger-Dagupan City, I see to it that when I get the chance, I drop by for takeouts.

Have you ever been to Big Boss Burger-Dagupan City? They are located at Perez Blvd, Dagupan City, just beside BPI family bank. For more information, you can check their facebook page.


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