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5 Things the ‘Inside Out’ Movie Taught Me

I wasn’t able to catch Inside Out movie in the cinemas, so last night, when it premiered in Star Movies, I watched it, and there were plenty of things that I took note of. I have always been a fan of Disney-Pixar films because they have cool animation and the stories are really meant to tug at your heartstrings. So here is a rundown of things I learned from the movie:

Inside Out movie poster showing the five main emotions of Riley

Image by [oscar65211 ] via [DeviantArt]

1. We were born happy

In the beginning of the Inside Out movie, we saw how Joy was the first emotion that Riley had. Come to think of it, I think, we were all born happy. But because of the different things that happen all around us, we tend to develop other emotions like sadness, anger, disgust, and fear.

I think the movie was really great in discussing emotions in such a simple way. I remember having a series of discussion about emotions in my Psychology class back when I was in college.

It was really so complicated that we had to spend more than a week to discuss the introductory chapters. The creators of the movie did an awfully good job in giving a brief no-nonsense explanation.

2. People have reasons why they feel that way 

The Inside Out movie also reminded me of what my old friend in high school told me. He said that we can’t just feel annoyed, let alone hate someone because they always have reasons why they feel or act that way. While it is normal to judge (and I think the majority of the people in the world does this), it is strongly advised not to jump to conclusions every single time. Find the time to find reasons.

3. Impulsiveness won’t get us anywhere 

Can you imagine what would happen if Riley did end up going back to her old town? When things don’t go as planned, we should think of the people who love us. I had my fair share of ups and downs and I draw my strength from my little sisters. Whenever I feel like I could no longer do what I do, I use them as my strength to carry on like how Riley thought of her parents when she thought about running away.

4. Sometimes, we really need to sacrifice our happiness in order to make someone happy

I think the most tearful moment of the Inside Out movie was when Bing Bong got off the rocket so Joy could get back to Operation-Save Riley. I couldn’t help but feel sad for him. This was that moment in the movie when I felt like sometimes, we need to make sacrifices to learn or to attain a bigger goal.

In the movie, Bing Bong sacrificed his dream of taking Riley to the moon. But because it was a time in Riley’s life when he was no longer needed and because she was sort of going through a major transition in her life.

5. Happiness can become selfish sometimes

I love how the Inside Out movie personified happiness by showing how it can be selfish sometimes. Sometimes, all we ever care about is becoming happy that we forget the other important things that matter. In the case of Joy who was so obsessed with keeping Riley’s core memories happy, she chose to leave behind Sadness and end up losing Bing Bong in the process. She was so focused on making Riley happy, that she forgot that happiness isn’t always gonna solve everything.

I have learned the hard way, that happiness isn’t the only thing that defines a person. In the long run, when we get older, we cherish all of the pain that we had to go through because they made us strong.

It’s also common to remember the things that scared us because we learned to overcome them over time. We are reminded of things that left us disgusted because they served as a reminder of our personal limits. We also relive the things that made us mad, because now we end up laughing about them.

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  • I agree! It’s true that sacrificing is one key to attain one’s goal, though it may sound sad but when you look at the bigger picture, once you achieve your dream, happiness is not far behind. I learn a lot by reading this post so thank you so much for sharing. ♥

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