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My Mom’s Two Acts of Random Kindness

My mother taught me, if someone did something nice to you, make sure that you do the same to another person. I’m never actually sure how to verify if the people I did good deeds to passed on something inspiring to others. However, I know for sure that one act of random kindness really does go a long way.

Find out how one act of random kindness can affect you as I tell you about me and my mom's experience with a piece of Spanish bread and a plastic bag.

It breaks my heart when I see people suffer. Whenever I watch those good old documentaries of Kara David on GMA News TV about people in the rural community, I cry. I cry when I hear about kids walking miles just to go to school. I get upset when I hear about people dying off in the provinces just because there aren’t enough medical help available to them.

Gah, if I would think about all of the problems in this country and the other countries, my eyes would end up so puffy. So indeed, we all need to do some act of random kindness from time to time. If everyone was kind to one another, we would have had a far different reality.

How one act of random kindness made someone smile

Find out how one act of random kindness can affect you as I tell you about me and my mom's experience with a piece of Spanish bread and a plastic bag.

So, I was prompted to write about random kindness because of my trip to the market with my mom. It was a rainy day, and the city was flooded as usual. We bought 6 pieces of Spanish bread too because there weren’t any dinner rolls.

We went to other places to buy the things on our lists in the grocery. After we finished doing the groceries. I went on to find something I could eat. Being the donut lover that I am, I bought a box of Dunkin Donuts munchkins.

We asked for a plastic bag for the donut box because it was raining outside, but the vendor gave us such a large bag. It was so large that it could accommodate all of the things we bought. Mom and I kept on laughing about it and little did we know that it would serve a purpose.

After we finished going around the city, we waited for a jeepney ride. Right when we got a ride, we noticed the young girl who sat just across us. She was tugging on to her mother’s blouse asking for something. I assumed that she was hungry because she was sucking on her fingers. My mother asked me to take out a piece of tissue paper from the bag. She wrapped one of the Spanish bread we bought and handed it over to the kid. The little girl smiled and looked at her mother for signs of approval. The mother smiled at us too. It was a priceless moment.

There was a purpose after all

Moments after that, the jeepney was packed with so many people. There weren’t any seats left because of that. Apparently, there weren’t a lot of jeepney ride that day because of the flood. Everyone wanted to get home. Dark clouds shrouded the city and everyone knew it was going to rain hard again.

A man called out to the jeepney and asked if he could get a ride. But the driver told him the only option was to “sabit”. The man didn’t mind. He went up the jeepney and held on to the handles with all his might. Mom then removed the super large plastic bag covering the donut box. She handed it to him and told him to sit on that instead. ” Ading, dito ka umupo para di ka mangalay.” He smiled and quickly laid down the plastic bag on the jeepney’s flooring. He sat there until he got off. He waved goodbye and even kept the plastic bag in his bag.

I was so proud of my mom. I was also amazed by her kindness. She always had that “mataray” image, but she’s such a big softy. I guess her two acts of random kindness inspired me to do the same. By sharing it with you, I hope to inspire you as well.

Lesson for Today: One act of random kindness can go a long way. As much as possible, turn it into a chain of events that would inspire somebody to do the same. Spread the love people!

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