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Goring’s Pancit Palabok in Dagupan City: My Tummy’s Verdict

It was my baby sister’s 15th birthday, and she asked me to buy Pancit Palabok for her celebration. Because I am not familiar with the different restaurants in Dagupan city, I searched for restos the day before the celebration. Fortunately, I came across Goring’s Pancit Palabok.

I went to Dagupan city to buy a couple of things like cookies & cream cake, and soda. Goring’s restaurant is a bit far from CSI Goldilocks, so I took a jeepney ride, bound to Lucao to get to Goring’s restaurant. It has a small signage (which I was not able to take picture of haha!), and a very simple Bahay-kubo-like facade. I knew I was going to taste the best Pancit Palabok in Dagupan city because of the mouthwatering smell of the eatery alone.

Goring's Pancit Palabok in Dagupan City: My Tummy's Verdict

A Surprising Interior

When I entered the panciteria, I was a bit disappointed. It wasn’t even to close to what I had in mind. It could use more decor, and probably better lighting. It’s considerably small, and it gave a typical Karinderia vibe. If I remember correctly, there were at least 4 serving tables that can snuggly sit 4 people each. On the wall, you’d find the different sizes of bilao they offer. Since there were only 4 of us, I asked for the smallest which cost less than 300 pesos.

Goring's Pancit Palabok in Dagupan City: My Tummy's Verdict

There were tons of things that aren’t even normally seen in a resto or an eatery, as you can see in the picture below, there are lotion and facial cream on the glass display. I had to wait for less than 20 minutes for my order.  I didn’t mind waiting, because even when the interior failed to impress me, the smell was so inviting.

My Tummy’s Verdict

I have to admit I had a hard time carrying around the small bilao. It was sort of heavy (which is actually pretty positive for me). Good thing my dad came to the rescue! We were both excited to get home as fast as we could that time. The pancit palabok bilao smelled soo good!

Looking for sumptuous and affordable pancit palabok? Me too! I tried Goring's Pancit Palabok, and I'd love to share my thoughts about the dish.

Overall, Goring’s Pancit Palabok scored a 6 out of 10. It tastes good thanks to the good proportion of its yummy sauce and Pancit Palabok noodles. I think it needs a whole lot of more garnish. Sure, there was a good amount of egg, lots of spring onion, a generous amount of crushed chicharon and tiny bits of prawn, but it could use other sources of protein like ground meat to get more of that umami. Oysters would probably elevate the dish to a whole new level too. But given that it was less than 300 pesos, who am I to complain! We were able to eat at least 2 plates each, and it was better that expected. I would say its a pretty fair deal.

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