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My Momma’s Extra Cheesy and Creamy Pasta

I love pasta dishes. They’re just one of the easiest things to make. You just need to boil the pasta into perfection, whip up some sauce and voila, it’s good to go! So let me share one of my favorite pasta dishes, it’s sort of a combination of Alfredo and Carbonara, I don’t even know what to call it. Let’s just call it Extra Cheesy and Creamy Pasta




Pasta, 250-300 grams

Four cloves of garlic (or if you’re a fan of this spice, you can go way overboard!)

One whole onion, chopped

oil, 1 tbsp

butter, 1/3 stick

ground beef, 250 grams

mushroom, 1 small can (save a bit of the water from the can for added flavoring)

all purpose cream, 170 grams

milk, minimum of 1 cup

cheese, grated, 150 grams

Maggie Magic Sarap (optional)


salt and pepper


1. Boil water for the pasta, make sure to put the pasta when the water is already boiling. Cook the pasta until it’s nice and tender. Don’t overcook it though, otherwise they become too soft. Drain, and cool them. Set aside for later.

2. Heat the pan, add the oil and a bit of the butter. Saute the garlic, onions and ground beef. Wait until the ground beef is cooked before you put in the mushroom. Saute all of them in the pan.

3. After everything is cooked, you should add in a bit of the mushroom water, then the milk, and the cream. Let it boil. If the mixture is too thick, you may opt to add a bit water. Add in half of the cheese, and the pasta. Season with salt and pepper or with Magic Sarap and pepper and then mix everything making sure that every single strand of pasta gets coated by the sauce. When your through, transfer into your serving bowl and top it with a generous amount of cheese

4. Let it cool. You should serve this at least 2-3 after you cooked it because it needs time for the sauce to be absorbed by the pasta. Only then can you fully enjoy it. You may opt to put in the refrigerator, I kinda enjoy it that way. This can serve at most 4 people.


What other pasta dishes do you like to eat? Do you know how to make them share your recipe below!

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