My Food and Travel Stories

Month: April 2017

My Homemade Buffalo Wings with Gochu-jang (고추장)

I love using Gochu-jang (고추장) to make dips for fried goodies. After looking for homemade buffalo chicken recipe, I tweaked the ingredients so I can use Gochu-jang.

Eating Bake Mac and Burger at Panaderia Antonio Bakery and Restaurant

Panaderia Antonio Bakery and Restaurant has been around for years. I love buying some of their bread and pastries. We dropped by to have a quick meal.

My Super Random Visit to Bonuan, Tondaligan Beach, Dagupan City

Bonuan Tondaligan Blue Beach is among my favorite places in Dagupan. When I moved to Calasiao, it became impossible to come by often, until one afternoon.