My Super Random Visit to Bonuan, Tondaligan Beach, Dagupan City

I hate swimming. I loathe the taste of the saline waters of the sea, but for some reason, I love going to the beach. It’s crazy – I know, but nothing really beats the sound of the waves crashing on the shores or that oddly fishy smell of the breeze.  Also, I am a huge fan of taking pictures of the sunset. It’s just so amazing when the warm and orange-purple rays of the setting sun kiss the sea. Last Sunday, I went on a trip with my darling little sister to Bonuan, Tondaligan Beach. It was quite a commute, going there from our humble home in Calasiao.

The Not-So-Long Ride

To get to Dagupan from our place, we needed to ride a Sta. Barbara jeepney going to Dagupan and transfer to another jeep that’s bound to Bonuan, Tondaligan. Overall, we had to spend around 15 minutes to arrive at the jeepney stop in front of the University of Luzon and another 15 minutes until we reached the beach front. While it didn’t take that long for us to reach our destination, the super hot temperature of Dagupan City made it quite irritating to travel around.

A Brand New Bonuan, Tondaligan Beach

After our short but tiring commute, we found ourselves walking past the small tent-like structures which the city government of Dagupan installed, in place of the old sheds they used to have there. The local officials decided to tear the sheds down just recently. The guy who I have been dating for quite some time is from around the area, and frankly, he wasn’t too happy about the changes because of his fondness of the old sheds there. As for me, I  felt like it’s alright to have this kind of change. I never really found those sheds attractive especially when I was younger.

The beach front looks way neater and cleaner than how I remember it three or four years ago. I like the addition of those classic and colorful beach flags and three lifeguard posts.

Ellen (my baby sister) and I had so much fun marveling at the beach and the sunset. It was such a beautiful day. If it weren’t for my sister who felt so worried that we’d come home late, we would have stayed until dusk.

I am so glad I kept on badgering her to stop by at the beach. It wasn’t really on our itinerary that day, most especially because we thought it was going to rain. It was so worth it dropping by because I got to charge up a bit. As you know, it can be quite tiring to do repetitive tasks all week long.

Ever tried going to Dagupan City? Which of the many places they have is your favorite place to visit? Share and comment below 🙂

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