No Tinsels, Wreath and Other Decors This Christmas

No amount of Christmas decor can express our happiness this Yuletide season.

It’s Christmas Eve. But, if you come to our house, you might not notice that it’s that special time of the year because of the absence of tinsel, wreath, shiny balls, Christmas tree and wrapped presents (because let’s save Mother Earth you guys! Less paper please!). Nevertheless, I think this is the merriest Christmas celebration that we would ever have in years.

A Sad Birthday for My Little Sister

Last November 3, on my younger sister’s birthday, we forced mom to visit the doctor (and yes, I say FORCE because she is a hardheaded woman). Little did she know that her fever, chills, body pain and extreme dizziness meant bad for her health. We had everything tested and the results came out bad. The doctor said she has suffered from blood loss due to her prolonged menses. They had to admit her for a couple of days for blood transfusion.

I remember how my mom was so adamant that she will just have home medication instead and how we (my little sister and me) forced her to go anyways. Like every other mom, she worried about the cost of the hospitalization plus other medical bills. We convinced her to go because it’s her life at stake.

A Long and Tiring Week

It was a tiring week when mom got admitted to the hospital. Seeing her in pain while they administer IV drugs drained the life out of me. It’s hard to see your mom go through all that pain.

For the meantime, my sister Zar took charge of the house. She was our “Nanay”. She took charge of the budget as well as the household chores. I took on the role of the all-around errand girl. I went to the hospital daily to bring everything that mom and dad needed and went to the market to pick up the groceries.

The days dragged on. The doctors did series of test to identify what caused the bleeding. The ultrasound test result revealed that she has hyperplasia, a large submucosal uterine myoma and a dermoid cyst on her ovary. Her gynecologist recommended total hysterectomy (which means they have to remove her uterus, fallopian tube, and ovaries).
Mom stayed in the hospital for a few days until they finished the blood transfusion. She also had to go through curettage to reduce the thickened layer of blood inside the uterus and to obtain biopsy samples. Days later, she was cleared for release.

A Week After Mom was Admitted to the Hospital

The biopsy result made us so happy. There weren’t any signs of malignancy. We waited for a couple more days before they scheduled her operation. The doctors explained that she couldn’t immediately go through the procedure last time because she was in a really bad shape. We could have lost her if we didn’t force her to go to the hospital that day.

The surgical procedure was done on the 6th of December. It took about a few hours before the physicians called my dad to check the organs they removed. The procedure went smoothly. The organs were tested out and they tested negative for cancer. Everyone was happy.

The Greatest Christmas Miracle

Today, my mom is on her 2nd week of recovery, and we are hoping for the best for her. The good turn out of events is the greatest gift my family could every receive this Christmas. We couldn’t be any happier with this Christmas miracle. Although we weren’t able to decorate the house like we used to because of the schedule and work commitment, we still feel the happy holiday vibes this year.

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