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My Visit to 7 Churches in Pangasinan During the Holy Week

It was my first time to join my mom’s yearly Visita Iglesia tradition. We went to 7 Pangasinan churches to pray and join others in celebrating the Lenten Season.

Sweating Under the Sun for the Festival of the North 2017 in Dagupan City (UPDATED)

The Festival of the North in Dagupan City started years ago. I have been attending the said festival to watch dancers from neighboring towns and cities in North Luzon.

My Super Random Visit to Bonuan, Tondaligan Beach, Dagupan City

Bonuan Tondaligan Blue Beach is among my favorite places in Dagupan. When I moved to Calasiao, it became impossible to come by often, until one afternoon.

Walking Around Dagupan City, My Old Hometown

Walking Around Dagupan City, My Old Hometown

I was born and raised in Dagupan City. I spent the majority of my pre-college life here.  Back then, I lived in this area, where apparently being underwater for a month or more is a norm.  It was really uncomfortable especially when my sisters and I had […]

My Mom’s Two Acts of Random Kindness

My mother taught me, if someone did something nice to you, make sure that you do the same to another person. I’m never actually sure how to verify if the people I did good deeds to passed on something inspiring to others. However, I know for […]

While waiting for our ride back to Baguio

While waiting for our ride back to Baguio

It’s a sunny afternoon in Naguillan La Union. We were waiting for a bus ride to Baguio City and the dispatcher told us that we will be waiting a little bit longer because most of the buses coming from La Union are already full. He […]