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My Five Most Favorite Asian Cooking Ingredients

My Five Most Favorite Asian Cooking Ingredients

Cooking is one of my favorite de-stressors. I heard that baking is more effective to blow off steam, but  I don’t have an oven yet. We still have lots of pending home construction projects, so for now, I will concentrate on cooking different dishes instead. […]

My Chicken Teriyaki with Soju Recipe

It’s time to get cooking again! This time, I am going to share my Chicken Teriyaki with Soju recipe. I bet you guys are already cringing, especially those who uses mirin and sake for their teriyaki dish! According to my research for if you don’t have sake […]

Stairway to Baguio’s Vegan Haven

Whether you’re just a fan of vegan food or you have a thing for peculiar restaurants, the Oh My Gulay would be the perfect fit for you. It’s located at the highest floor of the La Azotea in Session Road, Baguio. BE WARNED: People with heart […]